When you have a need for a storage option to keep your belongings safe, secure and dry, look no further than Big Blue Box to meet all of your needs. Big Blue Box offers high quality, affordable storage containers that can be rented or purchased for those in the Rochester, MN area. We have helped residents who are getting ready to move, companies that are renovating and need temporary storage, and clients who are shipping overseas. One thing that is critically important about a storage container, especially as winter approaches and large amounts of snow and ice descend on our area, is the ability to keep the items inside safe and dry. Big Blue Box understands how important it is to keep the contents of storage containers from getting wet and offers many dry storage options to meet this need.

Dry Storage Container Options Rochester MN

Big Blue Box has many dry storage container options for you to choose from. Our conex containers are made from rugged COR-TEN™ steel construction, come with a security lock box, are completely weatherproof, ventilated, are customizable and have marine-grade wood flooring. These containers can be rented or purchased in sizes ranging from 10’L to 40’L x 8’W x 8.5’H.

You can choose to use these containers to store items in one location or have them easily moved from one location to another. This offers the benefit of being able to load up the container at your pace and move it (if needed) once you are ready. And, if your new home or business office is delayed for any reason, your belongings can be help (safe and dry) in their current location until the delay has passed. The team at Big Blue Box will deliver your dry storage container directly to your doorstep on the day that you need it and can even help you move when you are ready.

Prompt, Reliable and Affordable Service

Big Blue Box stands out from the competition by offering prompt, reliable and friendly service, absolutely no hidden costs, and larger capacity storage containers than other competitors. For more information about the variety of containers offered by Big Blue Box for those in the Rochester area, call 1-888-782-2363. No matter what your storage need is, our team offers affordable rates, fast service and clean, dry and secure storage containers that can be used temporarily or even for long term use. Call right now and ask about the current special for new customers!