Storage Rentals Chicago ILAre you preparing for an upcoming move across town or across the country? Or does your business need a place to store equipment and paperwork during a building construction or remodeling project? Maybe you just have too much stuff to fit in your current home or office space.  Portable storage containers can solve all of these issues and many more.  Big Blue Box specializes in delivery of a wide variety of high quality storage containers to those in the Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI area.  These containers give you the flexibility to load them when you want and at your own pace as needed without the pressure sometimes associated with a move.  Once you have loaded items into the container, you choose to keep the container at your current location, or use Big Blue Box’s mini-storage options at one of our secure facilities (at no additional charge).  Our team can also move it to your new location for unloading if that is preferable.

Rental Storage for Chicago, IL

Portable storage containers can come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to meet your needs.  Residential storage containers can be either 20′ x 8′ x 8.5′, which is ideal for a 3 bedroom home (1360 cubic feet) or 40′ x 8′ x 8.5′ which is better suited for a much larger onsite project (2720 cubic feet).  It is important to note that 40’ containers cannot be moved while they are loaded.  Commercial storage containers also come in the two previously mentioned standard sizes as well as a 40′ High Cube.  Big Blue Box also rents trailers from 26’-53’ and can customize your conex container or other storage container with shelving, vents, locks, or even a specific paint color.  For all storage containers rented from the Big Blue Box, there is a 4 week minimum for storage container rental at your site or at the Big Blue Box site.

Easy Storage Solutions, Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL

If you live or work in the Chicago or Milwaukee area and need a portable storage unit, contact the Big Blue Box for a free estimate for a portable storage container that meets your exact needs by calling (888) 782-2363.  Our team can meet all for all of your portable storage container needs. You will receive fast, reliable and honest customer service and our guarantee that your storage container will protect the contents and do its job.