All Size Mobile Storage ContainersSize. Strength. Security. Those are the three words that we label on our rental storage boxes. After all, doesn’t The Big Blue Box look big, strong, and safe? At The Big Blue Box, that’s what we are going for. If you are in search of rental storage in Illinois, look no further than our big, strong, and secure containers right here.

Rental Size

No matter what you are looking for, The Big Blue Box can get it done. We have a variety of sizes that fit both residential and commercial property needs. The following options are available for rental storage in Illinois:

  • 20’ x 8’ x 8.5’: This option is a great option for someone doing a renovation or remodeling project in their three bedroom home. It is also the perfect solution for temporary space at a job site. Shelving available upon request. It is 1,360 cubic feet of storage space.
  • 40’ x 8’ x 8.5’: Looking for something larger? This holds 2720 cubic feet. Once it is loaded, it does not move. This is perfect for people in larger homes or businesses looking for larger storing projects.
  • Trailers: We have a variety of trailers that range anywhere from 26’ to 53’. The sky’s the limit at the Big Blue Box, all you have to do is call and ask.

Rental Strength

Whether you are storing your container at your own property or choosing to have it stored at ours, we can say with confidence that our rental containers are strong. These containers are all ocean cargo worthy, meaning they can weather any storm, keeping your objects within them clean, dry, and protected. Additionally, these units are airtight once they are closed. This means that the cockroaches, spiders, and other insects or rodents are completely unable to get in your home.

Rental Security

Your security is just as important to us as it is to you. We want to keep all of your storage items safe and protected. Therefore we equip every rental unit with a steel lock box that is welded to the outside of the unit. It conceals and protects your lock from being tampered with.

At The Big Blue Box, we mean what we say and we say what we mean. Size. Strength. Security. It’s not just our motto, it’s something we live by. We want every customer to have the size they want, the strength they need, and the comfort in knowing their storage is secure. If you are looking for rental storage in Illinois, look no further than The Big Blue Box. For more information, call us today and get your free quote at (612) 920-3540.