Big Blue Boxes vs. PODS: Storage Container Price and Quality

Whether you are looking to relocate, or just need to clear items out of your home and move them into storage for a remodel, there’s a lot to consider regarding storage container prices and quality of service.

Both Big Blue Boxes and PODS offer portable storage solutions throughout the Upper Midwest. Though some of the services offered by both companies are similar, there are several key differences. At Big Blue Boxes, we provide portable steel storage containers to homes and businesses, and have different offerings from PODS for portable storage unit sizes and prices. Some of our features, which are detailed in the moving container comparison chart below, are different.

Containers, Not Just for Renting

A major distinction to consider when comparing Big Blue Boxes’ shipping containers to PODS is PODS only offers rental containers. Big Blue Boxes, meanwhile, makes it so you can rent or purchase storage containers. In fact, if you own a container, and later decide you no longer require it, we buy used containers.

When you rent, we’re happy to perform free maintenance throughout your service period. Our friendly, local expert staff thrive on providing personalized solutions to ensure superior customer service.

Larger Container Sizes, Customizable Features

When comparing moving containers and services, getting the right size is critical as you want a solution that’s large enough to match your needs without wasting money or space. Our containers range from 10’L to 40’L x 8’W x 8.5’H. Meanwhile, the largest size container PODS offers for rentals is 16’L x 8’W x 8’H. 

We also offer a variety of modifications to help maximize the investment and price you pay for your portable storage unit. From installing shelving to extra doors, partitions, or even turbine vents, our containers can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of special requests.

COR-TEN™ Steel and Weatherproofing

Our COR-TEN™ steel containers are ventilated and come weatherproofed to protect your possessions from Upper Midwest winters, rain, theft, bugs and more! 

Big Blue Boxes, which boasts overseas steel containers that have been tested on ocean-faring vessels, beats PODS in size, strength and security.

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Now that you’ve read the Big Blue Boxes versus PODS moving container comparison, you’re ready for next steps. Want to know more about our portable storage unit prices and services? Our local team provides fast, friendly service and we have no hidden costs in our pricing. 

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