Big Blue Box has a large selection of storage options, including on-site storage containers for Midwest businesses, farms, construction sites, and more. We offer storage containers for rent or purchase with no long-term commitments, and every Big Blue Box container comes with trusted “Minnesota Nice” service and support!

Our staff can help you identify the best possible storage option whether you need custom flooring and lights, fast delivery, or multiple containers. Our team will even deliver your container straight to your location! When you choose a Big Blue Box on-site storage solution you’re getting more than just a container. View our requirements and container options below and call today for a quick quote!

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The Big Blue Box On-Site Storage Difference

Each of our storage containers is made of strong, durable Conex steel and is weather-proof to protect all of your delicate belongings. In addition, you can feel confident in their security, as each container comes with a reinforced lock box. Our team also provides regular maintenance free of charge to ensure your container maintains its high-quality features.

Our staff can also easily modify each container by placing partitions inside, installing shelves, adding lighting, making improvements to the floor and more. Each unit has a door installed on it, but you can also add extra doors to any container as needed!

Our Process

When you rent or purchase a storage container from Big Blue Boxes, you have three options for where your container can be stored once you have loaded it up:
1. Self-storage on your property
2. On-site storage (at no additional cost) at one of our secure facilities
3. New property identified by you. Our crew can transport your filled container from one location to another if you or your company is relocating.

On-Site Storage Requirements

In all three cases, we will initially deliver your temporary storage container directly to you for the loading process. Our crew can put your container on nearly any surface — grass, dirt, gravel, cement driveways, etc.— as long as the surface is fairly level. An even surface is about the only requirement once an area of adequate size has been identified.

Choosing the Right On-site Storage Container

Big Blue Boxes offers multiple sizes of storage containers to meet a wide variety of customer needs.
Small containers:

  • 8 feet tall by 20 feet long
  • Adequate storage space for most homeowners who are moving or renovating a new home.

Large storage containers:

  • 9 feet tall by 40 feet long.
  • Best suited for permanent storage needs as the size and weight prohibit them from being moved when full.

First Time Customer Offer

First time using a Big Blue Box? You’re in luck! Get 25% off your first order of a 3-month minimum rental of a 20’ or larger container.

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Ready to Get Started?

Big Blue Boxes can deliver storage containers to your Minnesota, Wisconsin or Illinois site location. Contact our team to ask about delivery and get a quick quote on the number and size of containers you need. We can discuss all of your options with you, provide a free estimate and help you make the best possible decision for your unique situation.

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