Shipping Freight Containers For Sale

Portable Storage Container SalesQuite a lot of our customers are people just like you. You need to ship freight via truck, rail, or ocean cargo ship. Whether you do this on a weekly basis or just a few times a year you can contact us today to save money by purchasing one of our new or used containers. You can also visit our quote page to find the best deal today.

Intermodal Transportation of Shipping Containers

For fast and reliable intermodal transportation of shipping freight containers visit Big Blue Intermodal.

Our containers are the best in the business:

  • Rugged COR-TEN™ steel construction
  • Security lock box
  • Weatherproof
  • Ventilated
  • Marine-grade wood flooring
  • Available in sizes from 10’L to 40’L x 8’W x 8.5’H
  • In addition to custom painting, we can also add flanges for shelves, partitions, extra doors and turbine vents to your purchased containers