Moving Storage Containers

Portable Storage Container Comparison ChartOur storage containers are a convenient solution for when you’re moving, remodeling, or storing excess belongings when you’re in between homes. Especially if you’ve sold your house, but your new home isn’t quite ready yet!

Moving Storage & Container Rental Options

Store belongings during a move with peace of mind and make your move smooth and easy without stretching your budget too far. Big Blue Boxes’ “Minnesota Nice” team and sales staff can provide you with a secure storage rental solution that fits your moving needs and timeframe. And if move-in dates get pushed back or stalled — we’re flexible too! Big Blue Boxes can provide the convenience you need to focus on your daily routine while we focus on your move.

How it works:
1. You can pack and load your moving rental container on your own time. Check out our packing tips and moving supplies resources for important information about options related to packing and loading.
2. Our experienced drivers move your loaded container to your new location for you!
3. Finally, we’ll take the empty container off your property right when you no longer need it, so you can add the finishing touches to your new home and relax!

It’s that easy! But what if your new home isn’t ready for move in quite yet? We’ve got you covered!

4. Our experienced drivers can take your container to a temporary location for you or store it at one of our locations until you’re ready for it.
5. Then, once you’re ready to move in, we’ll take the container from your temporary location and move it to your new location for you!
6. And of course, we’ll pick it up (fast!) when you no longer need it.

We work with you to determine the most convenient storage delivery so moving your valuables, furniture and other items becomes the least of your worries. All you have to do is pay freight to deliver the storage container to your old home and to deliver the filled moving container to your new home or temporary location.

Return freight is to the closest Big Blue Boxes depot, which may or may not be the original depot. For those considering moving container rental options in Minnesota and other midwest states, this potentially helps you save a significant amount on shipping costs! Contact us today to receive a free quote.

Big Blue Boxes’ Moving Storage Container Rental Features:

Don’t see what you want? Feel free to reach out to our team for your custom container needs.

  • Rugged COR-TEN™ steel construction
  • Weatherproof
  • Ventilated
  • Available in sizes from 10’L to 40’L x 8’W x 8.5’H
  • Regular maintenance is free of charge
  • Prices starting at: $169.00