Big Blue Boxes can provide the storage you need, no matter where and when you need it. We have supplied off-site storage solutions for a variety of needs including seasonal home furniture storage, temporary storage during a remodel, and extra storage for expensive equipment in between construction jobs.

No matter your reason for off-site storage, trust you have a secure container ready when you need it most. Our team will deliver to you, provide routine maintenance (at no charge) and bring your filled container to a new location if needed.

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The Big Blue Boxes Off-Site Storage Difference

Big Blue Boxes are made of rugged COR-TEN™ steel, which is fully weather tight to protect against the Midwest’s worst winters. Plus, with a secure lock box, you stay in control of your container no matter where you decide to keep it. Our waterproof containers will also receive regular maintenance from our team — free of charge — for your convenience and peace of mind. Ask about our customizable options to fit your container with lighting, shelving, and extra door access to make sure your solution fits you and your family or crew’s unique needs.

Off-Site Rental Delivery & Pickup

We understand your need for storage and we want to do everything possible to accommodate your most urgent needs. Our friendly drivers will deliver your box right when you need it so you don’t have to stress over any unexpected home or office burst pipe, leak, or remodel project. Our deliveries can be anywhere from 1 to 2 days from the time of the order!

Focus on your day-to-day concerns while our boxes protect your furniture and delicate items — let our team take your fully-filled container to your off-site location for you. That’s right, our “Minnesota Nice” drivers can transport your containers to any new location when you need it.

Keep Your Container on Our Site!

Additionally, you can store the container on your property or on ours! While some people like the convenience of being able to access their stored belongings if needed, others don’t want to have storage on their property at all. Whatever works for you is exactly what we’ll do.

We offer public storage options for all of our customers. Continue renting your container for as long as you need and it will be safe with us. Then when it’s time to unload it, we will pick it up and bring it right back to you.

First Time Customer Offer

Considering a Big Blue Box? First-time customers get 25% off their first order of a 3-month minimum rental of a 20’ or larger container.

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Big Blue Boxes can deliver storage containers to your Minnesota, Wisconsin or Illinois off-site location or let you store your items on our property. Reach out to our team for delivery information and get a quick quote on the number and size of containers you want. We can discuss all of your options with you to help you make the best possible decision for your unique situation.

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