Portable Storage Options for Minneapolis Homes & Businesses

The seasons don’t stop changing, especially in Minnesota. This means you need a reliable storage solution that’s built for humid summers and long, snowy winters. Big Blue Boxes offers secure, weatherproof portable storage containers in Minneapolis that were made for storing excess furniture, equipment and other important items.

Storage Container That is Right For You

At Big Blue Boxes, we proudly offer portable storage containers for rental or purchase options in varying sizes, and each of our portable storage containers can be customized with flooring, lighting and other features to meet your unique needs and wants. Personalize your portable storage unit as you see fit, and trust your container is secure enough to handle the harshest Minneapolis winters or the most prying of eyes. 

Our experienced and always friendly drivers have delivered all over the state — from distant rural locations to places in and around the Twin Cities. So, our crew knows how to get your storage container to you quickly and safely, despite the busy Minneapolis traffic. Our local team will work with you to provide a custom and flexible storage solution that meets all your storage needs contact our friendly experts to discuss rental and purchasing portable storage container options for Minneapolis-based residents and businesses.

Rent or Purchase Portable Storage Solutions

Big Blue Boxes provides Minneapolis-based residents and businesses with a wide variety of portable storage options. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy a container, we have secure off-site, residential and commercial storage solutions that cater to your needs and keep your belongings not only protected, but in pristine condition.

Rent a Portable Storage Container

Big Blue Boxes not only offers a wide range of portable storage solutions for Minneapolis residents or business owners, but our rental process is a breeze, too. Simply reach out to our team to get the rental process started for either your residential or commercial needs. Get the secure storage you need for your family or company’s expensive equipment or excess supplies and have it readily available for when you need it next. Choose from our huge selection of portable storage rentals to find the perfect solution for your exact needs.

Buy a Portable Storage Container

You can never go wrong with adding extra storage to your home or business. Invest in extra storage for more organization and greater security. With Big Blue Boxes, there’s no need to worry over getting a truck to transport your storage container all on your own. Plus, you can avoid the time-consuming work of building an extra storage space all on your own. We’ll deliver a Big Blue Box to your location of choice and place it exactly where you want it. Yes, it’s really that simple with Big Blue Boxes.

Learn more about how to buy a portable storage container today! 

Off-Site Storage Options Offered at Big Blue Boxes

Get all the extra portable storage you need without worrying about your container clogging up your driveway, your residential street or backyard. Easily rent or buy a portable storage container in the Minneapolis area from Big Blue Boxes and we’ll store it at our facility. You’ll have full and easy access to the extra space you want without the extra hassle – no extra space on your driveway or in your backyard required! Learn more about buying or renting a portable storage container today! 

The Big Blue Boxes Difference

Everyone knows it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. That’s no different when it comes to choosing the best portable storage solution for you and your needs. Sit back, relax and let us handle the logistics and the heavy lifting required to get your storage solution taken care of. 

We’ll Deliver Your Portable Storage Container

No truck? No crew? No problem! Never worry about moving your container — that’s what we’re here for! Our conveniently located Minnapolis location allows us to get your container to you without hassle – whether it’s in the heart of the city or way out in the country. Interested in a rental for your next move but don’t want to worry about hiring moving companies with hidden fees? We can take your container from your old location to your next spot, meaning all you’ve got to do is pack. No costly movers or truck rentals required. Yes, it’s that easy!

Superior Protection

Just because you’re storing some items, doesn’t mean you don’t care about them. At Big Blue Boxes, we know you’re storing items for a reason, so make sure they have all the same protections they would have inside your home. Each of our COR-TEN™ steel containers is ventilated and weatherproof to protect your items from bugs, theft, and of course, brutal winter weather. Whether you’re storing on your property, off-site or in our facility, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your valuable items are safe in a Big Blue Box.

Reliable Support & Super Friendly Service

We take pride in having some of the friendliest, most supportive staff in the industry. Reach out to our Big Blue Box portable storage experts for it all – service, maintenance, or delivery needs. Our delivery fleet and sales team will ensure your container is placed exactly where you need it to beall in a timely and kind manner. 

First-Time Customer Offer

Are you a first-time Big Blue Boxes rental customer? Contact us today, and don’t miss out on our 25% off deal for first-time rental container delivery when you rent a 20’ container for a minimum of 3 months.

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Ready to Get Started?

Get the support you need to make your Minneapolis portable storage needs hassle-free. Reach out to our friendly local team today for a quote and to receive more information on purchasing or renting from Big Blue Boxes.