Moving Boxes & Moving Supplies for Storage Containers

All moving supplies, boxes, and blankets purchased from our Minnesota location can be shipped with your container or shipped separately. Contact us to schedule delivery options today, or use our quick contact form in the sidebar to have a member of our sales team contact you.

Premium Moving Boxes

Premium Cardboard Moving Boxes

Protective Moving Blankets

Protective Moving Blankets


Additional Moving Supplies

Item Dimensions Price
Bubble Wrap 12″ x 125′ Roll,
Perforated every 12″
$26.50 / Roll
Newsprint Wrap $1.10 / Lb
Mattress Bag (2mil) Individual King Mattress,
or Box Spring Cover
$6.00 / Ea
Sofa Bag (2mil) 150″ x 45″ $5.50 / Ea
Carton Tape 2″ x 110yd Roll,
Clear Carton Sealing Tape
$1.75 / Roll