Commercial On-Site Storage Container Rental & DeliveryThe Big Blue Box of Minneapolis serves a wide area that includes the Twin Cities Metro area and its surrounding suburbs.  Our crew offers multiple options for the rental of commercial storage containers.  If you own a company or have been given the task of representing your company to find an economical storage-container rental, you should start with a quality like competitive pricing.  The Big Blue Box takes pride in its competitive pricing schedule.  Their pricing sheet provides a great starting point for considering your commercial storage renting options.

Customized, Secure Containers To Meet Your Needs

The smaller Big Blue Boxes are 8-feet by 20-feet, which offers a large amount of space for what you’ll be storing.  If you need a larger storage container, The Big Blue Box offers a container that is 9-feet by 40-feet.  The largest of the Big Blue Box containers are too heavy to be moved when filled, so they must remain on the site where they are filled.  These containers are ideal for storing contents of your home while it is on the market, as you prepare to move, or just to declutter your home.  Renting a storage container is often used to meet short term needs.

Regardless of whether renting or buying is the best option for you, every Big Blue Box container is constructed to be strong and can be secured so that it’s virtually impenetrable by conventional means.  Additionally, The Big Blue Box team can increase the efficiency of your container or containers by adding sections inside, shelves for better organization inside the container, and they can even add turbine vents to ensure better air circulation if the contents are susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity.  If the current structure is not optimal, you can have our staff add a door to a different part of the storage container for easier ingress and egress.

The Big Blue Box staff understands that you need to know that you can trust the strength and security of your storage container, and it is for that reason that the lock box is designed to be as strong as it is. A steel lock box is welded to the outside of the container, providing an added and nearly impenetrable layer of protection for your lock.

Renting A Storage Container Is Easy!

The Big Blue Box is committed to making your rental of one or more of their storage containers as easy and simple as possible.  If you are interested in renting from The Big Blue Box, contact the staff for more information at (612) 920-3540.  You will not be disappointed.