Moving Supplies for Storage Containers Moving Container Home Delivery around Minneapolis, MNMoving is, by nature stressful. In fact, it is often found to be one of the most stressful things in life.  Many experts even say that moving is more stressful than starting a new job or even going through a divorce.  For some, moving is exciting and for others it may be unwelcomed or dreaded.  Planning ahead can make the process significantly easier and relieve some of the tension and stress associated with the move.  Hiring help and having the supplies you need is another frequently used strategy to manage a move, and having what you need it terms of moving supplies is critical to a smooth move.  In addition to offering high quality portable storage containers, The Big Blue Box provides all types of moving supplies needed for a move down the street or across the country.

What Supplies Do I Need For A Move?

When you have not moved in a few years, it is easy to forget how many boxes it takes to pack up a room, let alone a house.  The team at The Big Blue Box can help you plan for your move so that you have ample supplies ready to pack all of your belongings in a safe and organized way.  We offer new and used portable storage container that can be packed at your convenience, right on your property and moved to a desired location when you are ready.  In addition, our team can deliver the following supplies right to your door:

  • Premium Moving Boxes
  • Protective Blankets
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Newsprint Wrap
  • Mattress Bag
  • Sofa Bag
  • Carton Tape

Move For Less, With Less Stress

Our prices are extremely competitive for storage containers as well as all of our moving supplies and we work closely with our customers to understand and meet any unique needs they may have.  More general moving supplies information and pricing can be found on our storage container packing supplies page.  We are happy to ship moving supplies to you along with the storage container or ship them separately.  If you live in the Duluth or Hibbing MN area and are planning a local move or even a move out of state, contact The Big Blue Box for all of your moving and storage needs.  Our crew understands that moving can be stressful and we will work to minimize the stress for you and your family, keep costs down and increase efficiency.  Call us today at 888-782-2363 for more information or to request a free estimate.