At The Big Blue Box, we heavily advertise on the ability to move our storage containers. We say that they can be transported anywhere and we often advertise the fact that they can be a temporary solution to whatever your storage issues may be. We do this and often neglect to make the obvious statement that we’re about to make: our storage containers can be permanent too! That’s right. Many people buy new and used storage containers for the sole purpose of keeping them stationary. If you are searching for permanent storage container solutions in Red Lake Falls, MN, look no further than The Big Blue Box.

Getting Creative

The world is our oyster – and so are our boxes! Residents in Red Lake Falls, MN are buying our storage containers for a multitude of reasons. Below is a short list of the many permanent storage container solutions:
Governmental Agencies: Whether you are storing paperwork or heavy machinery into our containers, the Big Blue Box is the perfect solution for governmental agencies, including the military, to make the most of your space.
Seasonal Merchandise: Whether you are a small boutique or a warehouse store, some items you have may be seasonal. So when seasons change, just change out your Big Blue Box in the least complicated way possible.
File Storage: Whether you own your own business or you are a part of a larger corporation, the reality is that files eventually add up. Using one of our storage containers as a way to organize your files is a great alternative to having a complete mess in your own office.
Homemaker: Do you have a neat project that you like to do on the side or even for a living? Create an offsite shop next to your business or even on your own property that will give you the room and storage space to complete all of your projects.
Vacation Rentals: Own a cabin or beach house? Sometimes you just have too much but you want to keep things simple, especially if you are renting it out. A storage container is the perfect solution to this problem!
Other Creative Options: Obviously, you can store just about anything in these containers. From farm equipment to files, it’s an easy thing to do. However, watching people get creative with their containers has been a real treat! Tree houses, real houses, offices, playhouses, and more have all been used as a permanent storage container solution.

We have a variety of different styles and grades of containers to choose from. For more information about The Big Blue Box and our services in Red Lake Falls, MN, give us a call today at 1-888-782-2363 or send us an email at [email protected].