Business StorageThe Big Blue Box of Minneapolis offers multiple options for commercial storage. Competitive prices provide an excellent starting point for considering your commercial storage options, and The Big Blue Box offers affordable pricing in addition to extremely fast delivery and even faster pick up time. We offer a wide range of sizes, customizable options and you can both rent and purchase our sturdy, durable containers.

The Big Blue Box commercial storage containers come in a variety of sizes, and the company also offers containers for sale or for rent. If your commercial storage needs are more short-term, your best bet is to first consider container rental. But your business needs may be such that it is more economical to purchase outright one or more storage containers. Give our staff of The Big Blue Box a call to help determine your best course of action. They will assist you in making the best possible decision for you and your company.

Commercial Storage That Meets Your Needs

The smaller Big Blue Boxes are eight feet tall and twenty feet long, providing an enormous amount of space to hold your contents. For larger projects, The Big Blue Box offers a container that is nine feet tall and forty feet long. Keep in mind that these largest containers cannot be moved when loaded, so they are designed to remain on-site.

Each and every Big Blue Box storage container is durable and sturdy and can be secured so that you can feel more confident about the safety of your contents. In addition, the staff of The Big Blue Box can modify your container or containers by adding partitions inside, shelving for better internal organization, and turbine vents to ensure better air flow inside the storage container. Our staff can even add additional doors to your storage containers to improve access.

The security of your container is also a concern of The Big Blue Box. A steel lock box is welded to the outside of the container, providing an added and nearly impenetrable layer of protection for your lock. Just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so too is a storage container only as strong as its point of entry. The Big Blue Box staff understands that you need to know that you can trust the strength of your storage container, and it is for that reason that the lock box is designed to be as strong as it is.

Safe, Secure and Durable Storage Containers

Regarding delivery of your storage containers, minimal space is needed. The staff of The Big Blue Box can place your containers on virtually any surface—concrete, tarmac, dirt, and gravel—and requires only that the surface be reasonably level. Every container is tested to ensure that it is waterproof, which provides the final reassurance needed to lend your trust to this company. Your belongings will be safe inside a Big Blue Box. Call us at (888) 782-2363 for all of your commercial storage needs.