On Site Residential Conex Container Storage Rentals MinneapolisThe Big Blue Box provides storage container rental options for individuals, families, and businesses in and around Minneapolis, MN.  If you have a need for immediate storage, contact the staff of The Big Blue Box to find the best option for you.  We offer many different options for commercial and personal storage, and The Big Blue Box takes pride in offering competitive prices for our customers.  Our staff knows that competitive pricing is an important consideration for you, and we therefore go to great lengths to offer fair and affordable pricing for you.  In addition to strong customer service and fair pricing, our team also understands that it is important to be able to find a storage container that is a suitable size for your needs.

Storage Container Options To Meet Your Needs

The Big Blue Box offers the largest, most secure containers available and will deliver the container you need right to your door.  Think of it as mini storage at your door.  On the smaller side, Big Blue Boxes are 8 feet tall and 20 feet long, ample storage space for your contents.  At the other end of the spectrum, The Big Blue Box offers a container that is 8 x 40’.  Because of their enormous size and weight, the largest storage containers cannot be moved when full, so they are designated as on-site containers.

Additionally, Big Blue Boxes can be purchased.  If your storage requirements are not permanent, you will likely want to pursue renting a container.  But if your needs are more permanent and long-term, it may be a more cost-effective solution to buy your storage container.

Secure And Customized Storage Containers, Minneapolis

Each storage container is made of strong Cor Ten steel and is extremely strong.  Furthermore, you can feel confident in its security as each container comes with a reinforced lock box.  Our staff can modify each container by placing partitions inside and/or installing shelves inside for better organization.  We can even add turbine vents to provide better airflow inside your container.  Each unit has a door installed on it too, but you can add extra doors to suit your needs if necessary.

Each and every container is guaranteed to be waterproof, adding further protection for your contents from the extremes of Midwest weather.  A steel lock box is welded to the outside of the container, adding a nearly impenetrable layer of protection to your container.  Only you should be able to get inside, and our staff does all it can to guarantee its security.  When it’s time to deliver your unit, our staff will haul it to your location.  We can place your containers on nearly any surface and requires only that the surface be reasonably level.

Call the team at The Big Blue Box at 1-(888) 782-2363 today for a free estimate.