On Site Residential Storage Rental MinneapolisThere are certain aspects of a move where durability isn’t a concern. However, when it comes to transporting your most important possessions during the move, durability should be a top priority. Whether you are preparing for a residential or commercial move, you can’t beat the size, strength and security of our top of the line moving containers from Big Blue Boxes.

Durable Design

By choosing Big Blue Boxes, you are getting more than just a random container to throw your belongings into. Our residential and commercial moving containers are made from extremely durable COR-TEN™ steel. This steel is the strongest on the market to help ensure that your items make it safely from one location to the other. Additionally, our moving containers are weatherproof so that your move can go smoothly regardless of the type of weather that hits the area during your move. Looking for a ventilated container? No worries. We’ve got you covered! For the flooring, we utilize marine-grade wood flooring, which provides the perfect base to store your residential or commercial possessions for as long as you need. Lastly, for added protection you’ll receive a security lock box with your moving container rental.

Storage Timeframe Options

Moves are never the same. One move that takes one family just a weekend could take another family 3 weeks to get everything moved. At Big Blue Boxes, we do not rush or pressure you into a speedy move. You can rent our residential or commercial moving containers for as long as you need them. If your new home or office isn’t quite ready, storing your possessions in our durable moving container will keep everything safe and in one designated location. Where you decide to keep the moving container is up to you. You may choose to keep the container rental at your current property, the new property or even on our property. We are fine with whichever location works best for you.

Don’t let your upcoming residential or commercial move overwhelm you. When it comes to your prized possessions, it is important to keep them safe and secure throughout the move. That is where a partnership with Big Blue Boxes comes in handy. If you are interested in renting a top of the line, durable moving container for your upcoming move, give us a call today at (888) 782-2363 or email [email protected] to request a free estimate from our sales team.