Renting or purchasing your shipping container is only the first step in creating the perfect storage system for your valuables. At Big Blue Boxes, our friendly, locally-based drivers will happily and safely deliver your shipping container to you – but where does that leave you?

Our friendly experts at Big Blue Boxes have compiled the top five tips and tricks to best prepare you for your shipping container’s delivery. 

One: Make Sure You’re Familiar with the Delivery Process – Shipping Container Delivery Guidelines

Knowing the process can go a long way in preparing you for any event. Including the delivery of a shipping container! At Big Blue Boxes we do our best to make the process of delivering your container to you as easy and painless as possible, but like every storage need, every delivery can be different. Check out our shipping container delivery guidelines to better understand some of the hiccups or things that might be required of you during the delivery process. 

Two: Know How Long The Delivery Might Take

When planning for your shipping container delivery, it’s important to know when the container will be delivered. Big Blue Boxes delivers in as little as one to five days. One to two days are typical, but depending on if you’ve selected modifications to be made to your container, four or five days is more likely. However, no matter if you’ve made modifications or not,  one of our friendly representatives will call you beforehand to alert you to your delivery. 

Three: Ensure You Have Enough Space For Your Container

You might think that our shipping containers require a lot of space to be delivered. However, we’re happy to report that our delivery experts need very little space to drop your container off nicely and safely. Here is a quick list of how much space is required for your container to be delivered:

  • 20 Feet Container = 80 Feet of Clearance
  • 40 Feet Container = 100 Feet of Clearance
  • All Container delivery require 10 feet of width for our truck to safely maneuver in and out again.

Four: Make Sure Your Payment is Ready

Whether you’re renting or buying your shipping container, payment is something you’ll need to prepare upon delivery of your unit. If renting, the first month’s rent of your shipping container is due upon delivery (as well as the delivery and pick-up fees). If you’ve purchased your container, then all you’ll need to provide payment for is the delivery and pick-up fees. 

Five: Know What You Can Store in Your Unit – Shipping Container Regulations

Even though we encourage our customers to store everything and anything they need out of the way in our units, there are items we suggest you do not store. We suggest not storing these items because either it might cause harm to the items themselves to be stored in our containers for long periods (such as food, pets or plants) or it might cause harm to the unit itself (such as toxic cleaners, paints, and other chemical compounds). 

To ensure what you’re wanting to store can be stored safely in your container, check out our full shipping container regulations list of things that can safely be stored in your Big Blue Box. 

Now You’re Ready!

Now that you have a few tips and tricks to better prepare for your delivery, you’re ready to go. While you wait for your delivery, you can also consider what modifications you might want to add to your container to better fit your storage needs – such as shelves. You can also begin to box up your items for proper storage, using our moving tips and tricks page as a handy guide. Still, have questions? No problem! Our support staff is the friendliest and most knowledgeable in the business. Contact them today for a quote, advice, or even other ways to best prepare for your shipping container delivery!