Using Big Blue Boxes for Car Self Storage

  • Protecting your priceless vintage that you only drive for special occasions from the Minnesota weather and wire-munching mice. 
  • Making sure your sturdy sedan stays safe when you’re away overseas. 
  • Keeping your college kid’s car away from prying eyes when they leave for their summer internship. 

There are a lot of reasons to utilize car self storage. Whether you’re keeping your vehicle safe from pests, people or weather —choosing Big Blue Boxes is an affordable and secure way to go. 

At Big Blue Boxes, we can ship the storage container straight to you. No need to trust an abandoned-looking storage facility in the middle of nowhere. 

You can put your car self storage right on your property or keep it in our facility. Whether you’re a gearhead or a traveler, keeping your car in our ventilated, weather-proof containers is a great way to make sure it stays safe. 

Can You Store Cars In Self Storage?

Our containers are 8 feet wide and 10 to 40 feet long — about the width of a parking space. The average sedan is six feet wide, making our Big Blue Boxes a cozy fit for most compact to medium sized cars without taking up too much space on your property. 

If you’re putting your vehicle in car self storage, there are a few things you’ll want to do to prepare. 

  • First, clean your car. If your car goes in with winter salt and grime on it that first will be much harder to clean off after a long absence. 
  • Secondly, if you’re planning on leaving for more than 30 days, consider disconnecting the negative battery cable. While this move might make your clock reset and lose your radio presets, it will ensure that your battery isn’t slowly draining the whole time your car is in storage. 
  • Finally, make sure your tires are inflated to the recommended tire pressure. You can use your vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine the best pressure for your particular make and model.

On-Site Self Storage For Cars

Big Blue Boxes has the upper hand when it comes to long term self storage for cars. Unlike storage units or garages, our steel containers are sealed, keeping pests such as mice, squirrels and rats at bay. Before our boxes go out, we test them to make sure they are still water tight. Built for the high seas, these boxes are ready for whatever the weather throws at them. 

Big Blue Boxes are a great car self storage option for military families going to live abroad for a year or downsizing retirees looking to store that vintage car while they get settled. There are all sorts of reasons you might want to store your car for a time and no matter the reason, Big Blue Boxes will be there.

Off-Site Storage

Do you need off-sight storage? No problem. We’re happy to keep your Big Blue Box at our facility at no extra charge. Whether you store your car on your property or prefer off-site storage, we’ll temporarily drop off our Box at your chosen location for you to load. We offer drop-off and off-site storage in any Minnesota, Wisconsin or Illinois location. 

Is Car Self Storage with Big Blue Boxes Secure?

Big Blue Boxes are secure from weather and pests but what about people? We know that security is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to self storage for cars

Our Big Blue Boxes are 100 percent steel. The thick double doors come with five locations for locks. The newer units come with a middle lock box, designed to cover the “U” portion of a U lock to prevent tampering. 

Want to know more? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to see a video on Big Blue Box security. 

How Much Storage Space Do I Need For A Car?

If you want to know if a Big Blue Box will work for your car self storage needs, you’ll want to measure the length and width of your car. Be sure and add some wiggle room, taking opening the car door into consideration. Our boxes are 8 feet wide, giving most standard sedans room to open the driver door comfortably. 

Are you thinking about using a Big Blue Box for self storage for cars on your property? What about using our facility? Either way, contact our friendly customer service team today to find out more!

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