The weather is warming, the days are longer, the sun is shining. Summer is finally here! And if you’re the parent of a college student, your student might also be home. Once again, they – and all their things – are living under your roof. Your home might feel a bit more crowded this summer, and while we at Big Blue Boxes might not be able to keep your kids from lying around, we can help you get their stuff out of the way for the summer.

Check out the summer storage options we offer for college students here at Big Blue Boxes.

Summer Storage Options

Big Blue Boxes specializes in storage solutions that fit your personal storage needs. We think taking a personal approach to your (and your student’s) storage needs is the best way to give you and your student exactly what you need. 

We offer storage solutions both big and small, but for students clearing out their dorms or small apartments for the summer, our mini storage containers are the perfect fit. Our mini containers have all the best qualities of our largest containers at a fraction of the size. Our mini containers are:

  • Weatherproof and ventilated, allowing fabric goods such as couches and blankets to keep dry and free from mildew. 
  • Constructed with rugged steel, so even your most valuable items (such as electronics) are kept safe and sound – no matter what.
  • Include regular container maintenance – totally free of charge! 
  • Available in multiple different sizes — our mini containers are the perfect option when considering summer storage for students.

Rent or Buy Summer Storage for College Students

At Big Blue Boxes, we think summertime should be a relaxing and fun season for everyone in your home. Don’t let a crowded home stress you out — call Big Blue Boxes! Our customer service team is truly the best in the business. Our team is friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping you choose the best storage solution for your needs. Whether you’re renting or buying, we’ve got you covered. 

Big Blue Boxes even offers moving services. Our movers will carefully pack and store your items in your storage container before taking your packed and secured container to its new summer home. From dorm to storage lot – we take care of it all at Big Blue Boxes. 

For more information on summer storage for students, call and request a quote today