Big Blue Boxes are a popular choice for car storage. Made of 100% Cor-Ten steel, weatherproof and ventilated, a car shipping container from our fleet will keep your car safe and sheltered wherever you might be storing or shipping it. 

How Many Cars Fit in a Shipping Container?

The most important decision when you’re deciding on a car shipping container is the size. One compact car will fit in a smaller container size. Our shipping containers come in sizes 20’L X 8’W and 40’L X 8’W and are both 8 feet high.

The average width of a car is just under six feet, which leaves just enough space for the driver to open their door and get out after parking a car in one of our containers. While perfect for sports cars, compact cars or antique cars, at eight feet wide, some large trucks may be too wide to fit in our shipping containers. 

The length of either size of Big Blue Box is more generous. If you’re shipping one car, the 20-foot-long container will fit most cars with length to spare. The forty-foot-long container is a great choice for shipping multiple vehicles.

Shipping Container Car Storage

Secure from weather, pests, and prying eyes (and pry bars for that matter), storing your car in a Big Blue Box is a great way to keep it safe. Whether you’re traveling away from where you can keep an eye on your property or you simply need a little extra space, our storage containers are an inexpensive and trustworthy storage choice. 

Working on a restoration project? You wouldn’t be the first to work out of a shipping container storage garage. Our shipping containers can open on both ends. Keep your tools on one end and the car on the other. While it might be a little too narrow to work inside the unit, a car shipping container makes a great home base to keep both your car and your tools safe. 

When you’re done working, you’ll be able to lock the doors at five different points. Our new units even have a lock box, making prying open U-locks next to impossible. With heavy-duty steel keeping people and pests out, your project car is safer in our boxes than it would be in a brick-and-mortar garage!

Antique Car Storage

Collectors may find that Big Blue Boxes are a handy resource for antique car storage. Keeping your car’s antique leather seats free from vermin and the elements, using any of our units is a great way to keep your Thunderbird safe while freeing up space in your garage. Since you can buy or rent Big Blue Boxes, you can choose how long to keep your container, making this a great choice for people who buy, sell and trade antique and collectible cars. 

Seasonal Car Storage

Is your college kid going abroad for a while? Do you need to keep vehicles from getting snowed in and weather-worn over the winter? Originally made to weather the high seas, our containers make great seasonal car storage. As they ship to where you need them, you’ll be able to keep your vehicles safe from anything the seasons have to throw at you. 

The Shipping Process

When you’re ready to pack your car or cars up, we’ll bring the shipping container to you. We deliver to locations throughout Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Once your container is there, it’s time to load up. 

Our boxes contain tie-down loops along the floor and the ceiling, making it easier to secure your vehicle for shipping. Use heavy-duty ratchet straps to make sure you can get your tie-downs as tight as you want them and they won’t break during shipping. 

Once you’re done securing your car in the container, we’ll come and pick it up. We’ll ship it anywhere —you simply cover the freight costs. 

There are a lot of questions and concerns when it comes to shipping your vehicle. If you’re ready to get started, contact our friendly team or call (888) 782-2363.